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Expose and discover yourself

Be exposed

You need to be exposed. Need to feel uncomfortable.

More times you put yourself in a new uncomfortable situation, sooner you will find that one with which you feel more comfortable than any other.

So don’t waste your time repeating behavior patterns that inculcate us since our childhood. Recover that curiosity that you had when you were a child, ask more questions, question everything, make more mistakes, give yourself the permission to make mistakes and accept that you are not perfect.

We are not perfect! We are humans… and humans make mistakes too. When you are able to expose yourself to situations that make you feel uncomfortable, you will be able to grow and know yourself a little more.

However, it is useless to memorize this theory. I do not have the answers, but I can help you find the questions. So, let’s go with the 3OPE of the day. Observe, plan and execute.

[paper and pencil]

– With what situations do you find uncomfortable?
– What things are those that you have not yet experienced but would like to?
-What you do on very special occasions, when you feel like time seems to stop?

-Concrete a date in which you will perform that activity that bothers you.
-Find with your current resources, the way you can experience that activity you would like.
-Take more free time in the calendar to do more of those activities that you only do on special occasions but that you love.

-Do that activity that bothers you. And once you’ve done it once, plan the next date. Try it a few times. If you like it, add it to your list of activities you like. If not, look for a different one and again choose another date in the calendar.
-There are activities that require more resources, in most of them economic. But surely you can find a way to make them with fewer resources. Once you have done it, go for another one.
-Alternate activities. Do not fall into a routine, at least at the beginning. Until you can find what you really love.

Thank you very much for listening this podcast, I hope you find it useful. This is the way I am exposing myself to an uncomfortable area, and I hope that I encourage you to do it too.

And remember…
«We are programmed by our past beliefs. Look inside, learn and remake the code.»


Iñaki Zurdo Mantas - Desarrollo y diseño web vitoria

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